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Maximizing Your Funding Directory Search Report Results

There are thousands of funding resources in the Start on Purpose directory, but only a small selection will be worth your time and attention. The greater purpose of our Funding Directory is to make it easier for you to learn about the best funding options for your business in a time-saving way.

Here’s how we do it. We know which funding resources invest anywhere in the United States and which funds only invest in a specific region of the country. We also know which funding resources favor certain industries and which funding sources specialize in specific types of businesses.

Your next action steps:

  • Join or log in.
    Searching the Start on Purpose Funding Directory is free to our members.
  • Explore your options…as often as you like.
    We are adding more resources all the time to help you achieve your business funding objectives. Our Funding Directory offers information in three primary categories of resources:
  1. Equity funding resources
  2. Debt funding resources
  3. Incubators and sources of local business planning assistance programs
  • Choose your stage of business development.
    To receive a summary report of equity funding sources that may be relevant to your business, we ask you to select a "Stage of Business Development." To match your company to its stage of business development, click here. You must choose one of the following options to search the directory:
  1. Pre-revenue seed-stage
  2. Early-stage
  3. Expansion-stage
  4. Recap/Buyout stage
  • Select your industry sector.
    To conduct a search for equity funding resources, you also have to choose from one of 13 different general industries. What do you sell to customers? Do you provide information technology or software-as-a-service solutions? Do you produce media or entertainment? Are you developing new pharmaceutical products? Do you want to get your consumer product on retail shelves? Choose your industry to connect with equity investors who prefer to invest in your industry.
  • Conduct cross-industry searches.
    To increase the number of potential funding partners for further evaluation, conduct one or more cross-over industry searches. Examples of cross-industry searches are provided below.

    Healthcare plus Information Technology: Some healthcare-oriented venture funds invest in SAAS technologies that provide a broad range of improved business, data management, security, financial support, patient management, research management, facility services or solutions to the greater healthcare services industries.

    Life Sciences plus Healthcare: Some life sciences companies will consider healthcare applications, equipment, tools or other technologies that have a strong proprietary intellectual property position.

    Consumer plus e-Commerce/Internet: Internet infrastructure or e-commerce companies may find additional investor appetite for innovative products or services within the Consumer Sector.

    Manufacturing/Industrial Technology plus Information Technology: The development of applications, products, or solutions that improve the financial management or operations of businesses may find funding in the Information Technology and Manufacturing/Industrial Technology sectors.

    Healthcare plus Consumer: As decisions about the selection of the type or source of medical care are increasingly shifting to the home consumer, products or services that might not be applicable to certain healthcare-oriented venture capital funds may be attractive to Consumer sector funds.

    Information Technology plus Communications:. As more telecommunications and mobile devices are controlled by sophisticated software solutions, explore funding resources in the IT and Communications Sectors.
  • Think bigger about your future.
    There are certain venture finance community realities that all business owners should be aware of. The first reality is that there are many more early-stage and expansion-stage funds than seed-stage funds. The second reality is that most high-growth potential businesses will raise equity funding at the seed-stage, early-stage as well as expansion-stage. As such, it’s helpful to explore the results of one or two different stages within your industry, to understand the investment criteria of active investors in your industry.
  • Review your search report.
    You may review your search reports online or print them out for additional ease of reference. You may also name and save a search report to your dashboard. Delete reports from your dashboard that are more than one or two months old. Get up-to-date information with a new search.

Extra Empowerment

Most equity investors and lenders prefer to finance companies that are close to home. And even though many venture capital and private equity funds boast an appetite for investing nationally or internationally, they still tend to favor deals that require the least amount of travel. This is often referred to as “same time zone investing.”

Start on Purpose search report results are listed in order of proximity to you. You may notice that some equity funding resources operate from multiple offices. In this case, solicit the office that is closest to your location first, unless the resource concentrates its investing activities in one city or another by industry sector. Then, solicit the office that specializes in your industry sector first.

What’s Next?

Once you have one or more search report results, it’s time to organize a fundraising campaign. Visit Empowerment for next steps.

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