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I know business owners are weary. So are the nation’s 1099ers – incredibly hard working professionals who make a living by...Continue

As the Powerball jackpot approaches $700 million and Americans dream about what it might be like to become a millionaire, it’s the perfect time...Continue

Barry Kramer and Khang Tran of the law firm Fenwick & West reported the results of a comparison of last round financing to the IPO – who...Continue

Is a yoga sequence protected by copyright? No, says the Ninth Circuit Court.

Bikram Choudhury first published his special 26 pose...Continue

Start on Purpose is a big fan of micro-lending programs that provide small loans to micro businesses especially in rural and inner city...Continue

Does your company collect personal information on European-based consumers? If so, take come time to learn about new regulations associated with...Continue

What was it about Joan Rivers that caused the news media and our conversations online and offline to pause and take notice this past week? Sure,...Continue

One of the more common turn downs by Early Stage investors is to politely say that the deal under review "is too early for our fund."


The U.S.  Small Business Administration (SBA) announced today that it will award grants to state and local economic development agencies,...Continue

What should your projections target in terms of investment performance for VCs and angel investors?

Here are some clues.  During...Continue

According to the U.S.  Census Bureau, there are about 10 million self-employed workers or about 6.6 % of reported jobs.  But these numbers are...Continue

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