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Radically improve the survival rates and financial fitness of America's startup and small business community.

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Our Approach

Let’s Improve Your Financial Know-how

A common regret of struggling business owners is they didn’t speak up about financial terms that were unfamiliar to them or explore the financial implications of a move before making a big decision. They guessed instead and paid a heavy price.

Why? Owners say they didn't want to seem "stupid" or unqualified to run a business in front of employees, vendors or business partners. They believed that as the top boss they should have had all the answers.

Start on Purpose is here as an ever-growing resource to give you the financial know-how and tactical expertise to make important decisions with precision and confidence.

If you say to yourself, “I’m not good with numbers” Start on Purpose we will be here to say, “Yes you can be good with numbers and here’s how.”

Let’s Get Cash

Whatever you want to do in business, you will need cash to do it.

Now is the time to learn how to get more out of your company's cash and raise capital from lenders and investors long before you are out of cash. You'll learn what excites financial partners and how to solicit them with time-saving precision.

Let’s Reduce Avoidable Mistakes

Large corporations have a wide margin of error for mistakes, startup companies that have not yet reached certain milestones of financial sustainability, don’t.

Let’s Create Valuable Businesses

Too many incredibly dedicated business owners are operating businesses that are “underwater.”

This means that the founders invested more hard cash in their beloved companies than their companies are worth today. They worked really hard but at the wrong things.

Now is the time to make your business worth more!

Start on Purpose will introduce you to key aspects of business value that will help you make more financially-rewarding decisions about your products, services, customers, employees and technologies.

You can do it!

Let’s Multiply Your Savings

Every dollar of savings that you invest in your company should grow over time to be worth two, four or ten times more. Start on Purpose is the only entrepreneurial education organization that emphasizes this important aspect of business ownership in America.

Through our Think Ahead programs, you'll learn when is the right time to invest in your company as a sole proprietor or in partnership with one or more individuals or corporate partners. You'll also learn how to protect your interests and recognize when moving forward on a new initiative is better for someone else's company than your own.

Let’s Build Your Professional Ecosystem

We want to make it easier for you to create a network of professional support to help you solve new challenges, make smart decisions, identify great advisors and vendors, and become the business leader you’ve always wanted to be. Going out on your own doesn’t mean going it alone.

Let's Achieve Our Purpose Together

Our bigger purpose is to help you achieve your business purpose. We're here to help you think bigger and smarter about your company's potential. You can do it. We know you can.